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Shirley Garcia has been in the beauty industry since 2009, but it was until 2018 that Beauty Wizard was founded by Shirley Garcia basing her philosophy that beauty is about improving what we already have and we must allow ourselves to shine.

Here at beauty wizard, we offer a variety of services, such as permanent make up, facial treatments and body sculpting, we are proud on having the best qualified staff at your service, offering you the most optimal and long lasting results.



What is


Microblading is the new tendency, eyebrows micropigmentation is the most demanded technique positioning it as the most economical and profitable.

This technique improves the shape, estructure and eyebrows appearence. Is also known as “hair to hair’’ because of his natural and hyperealistic appearance.

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Beauty Wizard?

Beauty Wizard was founded by Shirley Garcia, an entrepreneur woman, also wife and mother.

11 years of experience support us, studies and certifications with the best beauty academies, and thousands of satisfied customers, which through the years, continue to be part of us, and continue to accompany us on our path.

Our teamwork is conformed by women like you, we understand the importance of feeling good, we know the importance of learning to love and accept ourselves, and it is really meaningful that with our experience we can be part of your process. We can give you the chance to shine and feel confident with yourself.


Shirley Garcia

I’m Shirley Garcia, a licensed esthetician since 2011, graduated from the international esthetic and beauty school IESTHETIC, I have 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and I’m qualified by three of the best and most prestigious microblading academy in the world.

I’ve learned to dominate the art of permanent make up application, skin rejuvenation and multiple body treatment techniques.

I’m part of a selected group of Master Trainers with Beauty Angels Internatioal Academy in the United States, where I continue to expand my knowledge through seminaries and specializations.

I bring everything I have learned to Beauty Wizard, where with my great team we have been recognized by the industry as one of the best beauty centers in Richmond, Virginia.


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