Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

A regenerative therapy using one’s own blood to promote tissue healing and natural regeneration.


Enhance your brows with our precise microblading, creating natural, beautifully defined arches.

LIP Pigmentation

This treatment enhances your natural lip contours and infuses your lips with long-lasting color.


Relax and unwind with our therapeutic massages, tailored to melt away tension and stress.

Body Contouring & Lymphatic Drainage

Sculpt your figure with body contouring and lymphatic drainage for a leaner, healthier appearance.


Achieve stunning lashes with our expert eyelash extensions, for a fuller, more glamorous look.

Hyperbaric Therapy

Experience accelerated healing and enhanced well-being in our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber


Hair Removal

Achieve silky-smooth skin with our facial and body hair removal services, including threading.

Thermage and Oxygeneo

Rejuvenate your skin with non-invasive Thermage and Oxygeneo treatments for a youthful, radiant glow.

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with advanced LED teeth whitening technology for a brighter, whiter look.

Laser and Tattoo Removal

Remove unwanted tattoos and imperfections with precision laser therapy for smooth, flawless skin.

Body Piercings

Accessorize your look with stylish body piercings and Swarovski jewelry for a unique, elegant touch.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Plasma Therapy leverages the body’s own regenerative abilities by concentrating platelets and growth factors found in your blood. This platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected into targeted areas to stimulate collagen production, tissue regeneration, and hair growth. It’s used for skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, and joint pain relief due to its high concentration of natural growth factors that accelerate healing and improve skin quality.

PRP Hair

Stimulate hair growth with PRP therapy, enhancing thickness and reducing hair loss naturally.
$180 – 75 min

PRP Neck and Face

Revitalize your neck and face with PRP, boosting collagen production for firmer, youthful skin.
$220 – 90 min

PRP Neck, Face, and Hands

Comprehensive PRP treatment to rejuvenate neck, face, and hands, promoting even, glowing skin.

$280 – 105 min

Facials and Peeling

Our facials and peeling treatments are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. Chemical peels use controlled acids to remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. Facials include deep cleansing, hydration, and extraction, using high-quality products to target specific concerns like acne, aging, and pigmentation.

Peeling + Post-Peeling Hydration

Exfoliate and renew your skin with our peeling treatments, which use controlled acids to remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant, smoother complexion. Follow this with our post-peeling hydration treatment, designed to soothe, nourish, and replenish moisture for refreshed and revitalized skin..
$330 – 75 min

Facial Cleansing

Deeply cleanse your skin with our facial cleansing treatment, removing impurities and excess oil to reveal a fresh, clear complexion.
$90 – 105 min

Facial Cleansing and Chest

Extend the benefits of facial cleansing to your chest area, providing a thorough cleanse that leaves your face and chest feeling smooth and rejuvenated.
$115 – 105 min

Facial Cleansing + Dermaplaning

Combine facial cleansing with dermaplaning to achieve an ultra-smooth complexion, removing dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a glowing finish.
$120 – 105 min

Back Cleansing

Target hard-to-reach areas with our back cleansing treatment, which eliminates impurities and leaves your back skin feeling refreshed and smooth.
$125 – 105 min

Buttocks Cleansing

Revitalize your buttocks area with our specialized cleansing treatment, designed to purify and tone for healthier, smoother skin..
$145 – 105 min

Rejuvenation + Wood Therapy

Rejuvenate your skin with a combination of rejuvenation therapy and wood therapy (maderoterapia), using wooden tools to promote lymphatic drainage and improve skin tone..
$85 – 90 min

Facial + Rejuvenation

Experience a dual treatment that includes a facial and rejuvenation therapy, providing deep cleansing and collagen stimulation for a youthful glow.
$125 – 105 min

Rejuvenation + Nutrition

Revitalize your buttocks area with our specialized cleansing treatment, designed to purify and tone for healthier, smoother skin..
$145 – 105 min

Facial + Nutrition

Indulge in a comprehensive facial with added nutrition therapy, infusing your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients for lasting hydration and radiance.
$110 – 75 min

Glutes (Buttocks Treatment)

Tone and sculpt your gluteal muscles with our specialized buttocks treatment, designed to improve firmness and lift for a more contoured shape.
$155 – 75 min

Back (Back Treatment)

Sculpt and firm your back area with our targeted back treatment, reducing localized fat and improving muscle tone.
$155 – 75 min


Achieve a smooth, radiant complexion with dermaplaning, a non-invasive exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells and fine facial hair.
$60 – 45 min


Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique where fine strokes mimic natural hair growth. High-quality pigments are deposited into the superficial dermis layer to create beautifully defined brows. 

First Time Microblading

Begin your journey to flawless brows with our First Time Microblading service.
 $460 – 150 min

Microblading Retouch
(1-3 Months)

Keep your brows looking pristine with a Retouch within 1-3 months of your initial microblading session.
$75 – 90 min

Microblading Retouch (6-12 Months)

As your microbladed brows naturally fade over time, our 6-12 month Retouch revitalizes their color and definition.
$190 – 120 min

Microblading Retouch (13-24 Months)

Extend the life of your microbladed brows with a comprehensive retouch between 13-24 months.
$275 – 120 min

Lip Line and Pigmentation

Enhance the natural beauty of your lips with our Lip Line and Pigmentation Service. This cosmetic procedure meticulously defines and fills the lip contours with lasting color, offering a fuller and more defined appearance. Ideal for adding symmetry, enhancing color, or restoring volume lost with age, this treatment delivers a polished look that simplifies your daily beauty routine. Perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their lip aesthetics with a long-lasting solution.

First Time Lip Line and Pigmentation

Discover the perfect pout with our First Time Lip Line and Pigmentation service. This treatment enhances your natural lip contours and infuses your lips with long-lasting color.
$440 – 180 min

Lip Line and Pigmentation Retouch (Upper and Lower)

Maintain the beauty and clarity of your lip pigmentation with our Upper and Lower Lip Line Retouch service.
$80- 180 min

Lip Line and Pigmentation Retouch
(1-2 Years/Upper and Lower)

Keep your lips looking flawless over time with our 1-2 Year Lip Line and Pigmentation Retouch.
$370 – 180 min


Our massages blend traditional and therapeutic techniques to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. From deep tissue to Swedish massage, each session is tailored to your needs, incorporating aromatherapy and targeted pressure points to enhance circulation, alleviate pain, and reduce stress.

Detox Massage

Experience rejuvenation from within with our Detox Massage. This therapeutic treatment employs specialized techniques designed to stimulate the elimination of accumulated toxins from your body.
$110 – 135 min

60-Minute Wellness Massage

Embark on a journey to tranquility with our 60-minute Wellness Massage. This treatment utilizes gentle movements and light pressure to dissolve muscle tension and alleviate stress.
$90- 60 min

90-Minute Wellness Massage

Delve deeper into relaxation with our 90-minute Wellness Massage. This extended session enhances your experience, allowing more time to focus on areas of tension using gentle movements and light pressure techniques.
$120 – 90 min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Unlock the healing power of your body with our Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This specialized treatment is designed to enhance the natural flow of your lymphatic system, crucial for detoxification, immune function, and fluid balance. Through gentle, rhythmic pressure and soothing movements, this massage encourages the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the body. Ideal for reducing swelling, enhancing recovery from surgery or injury, and promoting overall wellness, our Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps restore internal harmony and boost vitality. Experience a lighter, more energized self after each session.

Regular Lymphatic Sessions

Maintain optimal lymphatic health with our Regular Lymphatic Sessions. These sessions are designed to consistently support your body’s natural detoxification and immune functions by enhancing lymphatic flow.
$120 – 90 min

Drain Removal

Our Drain Removal service is designed to safely and effectively remove surgical drains post-operation. This essential step in post-surgical care helps manage fluid accumulation and promotes proper healing of the surgical site.
$40 – 15 min

Chin Drainage

Targeting the delicate area around the chin, our Chin Drainage massage focuses on reducing puffiness and refining the jawline.
$70- 75 min

Sculpting massage

The sculpting massage helps to reduce fat accumulation in specific areas of the body such as buttocks, abdomen, hips, waist, or legs. Benefits: reduces fat from specific body areas, sculpts the figure and eliminates cellulite, promotes blood flow, eliminates toxins, improves the digestive system, firms muscles, tones, and combats flaccidity.

Warning: sessions for jowl, arms, and legs must be scheduled in addition to the abdominal session. We do not provide standalone massages for the jowl, arms, or legs.

Buttock Lift

Elevate and firm your buttocks with our Buttock Lift session.

$80 – 75 min

Abdomen and Sides

Flatten and firm your abdominal area and sides with this comprehensive session.

$80 – 75 min

Leg Session

Achieve beautifully shaped legs with our Leg Session.

$15 – 20 min

Arm Session

Tone and tighten your arms with our Arm Session.

$10 – 15 min


Our eyelash extensions offer a semi-permanent solution to enhance natural lashes. High-quality synthetic or natural fibers are meticulously applied to each individual lash, creating a fuller, longer, and more defined appearance. We prioritize safety and comfort, using medical-grade adhesives and techniques that protect the health of your natural lashes.

natural set

This service is ideal for those seeking a subtle and authentic enhancement to their lashes. Each natural lash is individually extended, without the use of lash fans. This careful method ensures a truly natural appearance, making your lashes look longer, fuller, and healthier. It’s the perfect choice for everyday elegance, subtly boosting your beauty in a refined manner.

Natural Set Extension

$95 – 105 min

Natural Set Touch Up

$65 – 105 min

Volume set

It is the ideal choice for a dramatic and bold look. It involves the application of lash fans that include multiple extensions on a single natural lash. The result is an intense and dazzling volumizing effect. Your lashes will appear fuller, luscious, and perfectly sculpted.

Volume Set Extension

$130 – 105 min

Volume Set Touch Up

$85 – 105 min

Hybrid set

The individual extensions blend with the fans to create a complete and lush effect. The result is a striking look that retains its authentic appearance but with a touch of sophistication. Hybrid lashes are ideal for special occasions or for those who desire a versatile look that highlights their beauty in a unique way.

Hybrid Set Extension

$115 – 105 min

Hybrid Set Touch Up

$75 – 105 min

Eyelashes Removal

$25 – 30 min

Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream. This heightened oxygenation accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall well-being by promoting the growth of new blood vessels and supporting immune function. It’s effective for wound healing, recovery from surgery, and overall health optimization.

Hyperbaric Therapy Session

Dive into our Hyperbaric Therapy to experience significant improvements in healing and overall well-being. This therapy uses high-pressure oxygen to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, accelerating tissue repair and enhancing immune function.
$110 – 75 min

5 Session Package

Take advantage of our 5-session Hyperbaric Therapy package to start on a path to faster and more effective recovery. This package is designed to maximize therapeutic benefits, offering continuous treatment that promotes optimal healing.
$450 – 75 min (each)

10 Session Package

Choose our 10-session package for a comprehensive therapeutic experience with our Hyperbaric Therapy. Ideal for chronic conditions or extensive post-surgical recoveries, this intensive package significantly helps improve your health and overall well-being.
$740- 75 min (each)

Teeth Whitening

Our LED teeth whitening treatment employs advanced blue light technology to activate a specially formulated whitening gel. This process breaks down stains and discoloration, revealing a brighter smile. The non-invasive procedure is safe for enamel and gums, providing noticeable results in a single session while minimizing sensitivity.

LED teeth whitening

Is the perfect solution to achieve stunning results quickly and safely. Harnessing the power of LED technology, we eliminate stains and discolorations, giving you a whiter and more dazzling smile. It is advisable to undergo a professional dental cleaning before whitening to ensure optimal results.
$110 – 75 min

3 Session Package

needs more info on pricing 
$450 – 75 min (each)

Thermage and Oxygeneo Treatments

Thermage utilizes radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. It is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, perfect for skin tightening on the face and body. Oxygeneo, on the other hand, combines exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation to rejuvenate the skin. The treatment increases blood flow and infuses essential nutrients for a radiant, youthful complexion.


Discover the secret to firmer, toned, and rejuvenated skin with our exclusive Thermage Facial service.

$145 – 90 min

Facial Oxygenation

Helps with supreme revitalization, through the application of enriched oxygen, this treatment stimulates blood circulation, collagen and cell regeneration, it also helps regulate the skin’s ph, resulting in a radiant and revitalized complexion.

$145 – 90 min

Laser and Tattoo Removal

Laser therapy uses focused light energy to target pigment in tattoos or skin imperfections, breaking them down into smaller particles for natural elimination. This non-invasive treatment is precise and minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, ensuring effective removal of unwanted tattoos, age spots, and pigmentation.


Small Tattoo
(Size of a Fingerprint)

Perfect for removing smaller tattoos about the size of a fingerprint, this treatment utilizes precise laser technology to effectively fade and eliminate unwanted ink.
$70- 30 min 

Medium Tattoo
(Size of a Palm)

Our medium tattoo removal service is suited for tattoos approximately the size of a palm. The advanced laser treatment breaks down ink particles, allowing the body to naturally dispose of them.
$90- 45 min 

Large Tattoo
(Size of a Hand)

Designed for large tattoos that cover an area as big as a hand, this laser removal treatment is comprehensive and effective.
$100 – 60 min 

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Specializing in the delicate area of the eyebrows, this removal service is tailored to erase unwanted or outdated eyebrow tattoos.
$110 – 60 min



Ideal for pigmentation and texture problems. This technology uses ultra-fast laser pulses to effectively fragment dark spots, scars, and skin irregularities.

$130 – 75 min


Combining laser power with a layer of carbon, this service removes impurities and dead cells, leaving skin noticeably cleaner and softer to the touch. Indicated for congested skin with enlarged pores, Carbonpeel provides an immediate luminosity effect and improves the general texture of the skin.

$155 – 60 min

Nail Fungus Removal

Nail fungus removal is achieved using advanced laser technology that penetrates the nail bed, eliminating fungal infections without damaging healthy tissue. The treatment is quick, painless, and promotes clear, healthy nails by targeting the infection at its source.

Single Nail

$80 – 15 min 

2 Nails

$160- 20 min 

3-4 Nails

$195 – 30 min 

6-10 Nails

$245 – 60 min

Hair Removal

Our facial and body hair removal services include laser, waxing, threading, and sugaring. Laser hair removal uses precise light energy to destroy hair follicles, preventing regrowth. Threading is a traditional technique using twisted cotton threads for precise eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal.

LED teeth whitening

Is the perfect solution to achieve stunning results quickly and safely. Harnessing the power of LED technology, we eliminate stains and discolorations, giving you a whiter and more dazzling smile. It is advisable to undergo a professional dental cleaning before whitening to ensure optimal results.
$110 – 75 min

3 Session Package

needs more info on pricing 
$450 – 75 min (each)

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