Peeling + Post-Peeling Hydration​

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Reveal radiant, refreshed skin with our Peeling + Post-Peeling Hydration treatment. This two-part process begins with a chemical peel to remove dead skin layers and stimulate cell renewal, followed by a deep hydration treatment to soothe and nourish the newly exposed skin. Ideal for combating signs of aging, sun damage, and uneven skin tone, this treatment enhances skin smoothness and hydration for a glowing complexion.

Before your appointment
Discuss your skin concerns and desired outcomes to determine the most appropriate type of peel for your skin type.

Medication and Supplements:
Inform your provider about all medications and supplements you are taking, as some may need to be paused before the treatment.

Skin Preparation:
Avoid using retinoids, exfoliating acids, or any abrasive skin treatments for at least one week prior to your session to prevent excessive skin sensitivity.

Sun Exposure:
Minimize sun exposure and do not use tanning beds for two weeks before the treatment to reduce the risk of irregular pigmentation.

Ensure you are well-hydrated on the day of your treatment to help your skin recover and respond better to the peeling process.

During Your Treatment:

Application of Peel:
The selected peel solution is carefully applied to your skin, targeting areas of concern. The intensity and type of peel are customized based on your skin’s needs and treatment goals.

Your skin’s response to the peel is closely monitored to ensure safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Peel Removal and Hydration:
After the appropriate time, the peel is neutralized and removed, followed immediately by a soothing post-peeling hydration treatment to calm and moisturize the skin.

The entire treatment typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the depth of the peel and the areas treated.
Skin Care:
You may experience mild redness, sensitivity, or peeling, which is normal. It’s crucial to apply a gentle moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the new skin.

Water Intake:
Continue to drink plenty of water to aid the healing process and maintain skin hydration.

Follow-Up Care:
Avoid strenuous activities, heavy sweating, and makeup application for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

Follow-Up Visits:
Schedule a follow-up visit to assess your skin’s response to the treatment and plan any subsequent sessions if needed.

Suitability for the treatment is assessed based on skin type, medical history, and specific skin concerns.

Cancellation Policy:
Please provide at least 24-hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling to avoid charges.

Expected Results:
Results may vary based on individual skin conditions and adherence to pre- and post-treatment care instructions.

Safety Measures:
All potential risks and side effects will be discussed during the consultation. It is imperative to follow all safety instructions provided by the skin care professional.

Aftercare Compliance:
Following the prescribed aftercare regimen is essential for achieving optimal results and minimizing potential side effects.

Financial Responsibility:
Patients are responsible for the cost of the treatment, as cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance.
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